Treasury Management Services


Cash Management

NetTeller Cash Management is an internet-based financial management tool with user-friendly functionality. It allows you to handle a variety of cash management and accounting needs online. With this system you will be able to conduct your business banking online with greater ease and greater efficiency than ever before. It’s a perfect tool for your business if you would like to dedicate more time to making money and less time managing it. Cash Management will be integrated with you Peoples Bank Midwest Business Checking Account.


Originate and maintain ACH transaction files online such as payment collection, payroll processing, and vendor payments.


Deter fraud and avoid losses and liability by using our automated Positive Pay service.


Initiate Wire Transfers to anywhere in the US from the convenience of your PC.


• View any of your Peoples Bank Midwest deposit and loan accounts

• Transfer funds among Peoples Bank Midwest accounts and make loan payments

• View and download your statements

• View and print check images

• Initiate Stop Payments

• Download account information into money management software

• Dual control capabilities


Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit Capture is a safe, easy, and secure way to deposit checks right from your business. There’s no more racing to the bank to make deposits. This can save you time and may improve your cash flow.

Remote Deposit Capture comes with a convenient check scanner that plugs into your computer. Use it to scan and deposit checks quickly and easily. Options are available for high volume and low volume check deposits. Remote Deposit will be integrated with you Peoples Bank Midwest Business Checking Account.



DEPOSIT checks quickly and easily from your business.


  IMPROVE cash flow by receiving funds faster. 

      PROTECT check deposits by securely processing them.

SAVE time and money with fewer trips to the bank.

Value Added Services


Mobile deposit for business uses your smart phone or tablet as a check scanner for your accounts. This allows you to remotely scan and deposit paper checks wherever you are.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Processing

Setup a variety of ACH functions – credits and debits to assist in collecting payments or making payments. Includes the ability to take payments for products over the phone.

Real-Time Gateway for Credit Card Processing

Credit card payment can be taken on your PC in partnership with our Merchant Services.

Risk Management

Set up employees with different user capabilities to mitigate risk and allow them access to only what they need to do their job.

Report Compilation

A variety of reports to help keep customer records, copies of images, and to review past activity.


Additional Business Banking Services

Merchant Credit Card Program

Peoples Bank Midwest offers a merchant services program that will enhance your ability to accept payment from your customers. We are dedicated to minimizing our merchants’ interchange costs by customizing a plan to fit your business. As your full service partner, we have the ability to provide equipment, software and training to ensure you receive the best possible rates for your card transactions


Effortlessly process credit card and e-check transactions without leaving your QuickBooks environment. Generate payment records automatically and eliminate the hassle of duplicate data entry.

Smart Pay Express

Online payments allow you to accept payments or donations through a custom-branded website. Making it easier for your customers to pay you. Our institution will set up your payments website with a unique URL. Then you can customize the site to match your brand and primary website.

Business Bill Pay

As a small business owner, you want it all – true control of your finances, total convenience on your schedule and customization to do things your way. Business Online Bill Pay gives you all of this – and that’s just the start.

• Make payments more quickly and easily and gain greater control over cash flow

• Get anytime, anywhere access online for more convenience paying your bills

• Depend on added security because paying bills online is safer than mailing checks

• Save time by conveniently importing payees from Quicken® or QuickBooks®

• Pay multiple invoices for a single payee all at one time and account for them in a single location

• Easily set up recurring payments for monthly bills

• Dual control and user authority capabilities

Business Credit Card

Everything you need in one convenient card.

  • Personnel at your business have the privilege of using a company credit card with customized credit lines for each employee.
  • No annual fee
  • Low introductory rate
  • Exceptional features and benefits
  • Flexible reward options